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How transition to the new ISO standards adds value to your organization

Organizations and their leaders worldwide are facing change at unprecedented speed and here you will discover how ISO can help you to optimize your management system.

How to transition to the new ISO DOWNLOAD THE WHITE PAPER

It is the right time for the organizations to start planning their transition to the revised standards ISO 9001 and ISO14001. 

This transition period is a very important step to demonstrate to a broader range of stakeholders and customers commitment to quality and environmental management based on continuous performance enhancement. In this whitepaper you will discover that the ISO transition is also an incredible opportunity to add value to your organization by understanding: 

- How certification helps organizations better face the future while maintaining a continuous improvement approach.

The changes in the new norms focus around the three main areas: Context of the Organization, Leadership, and Risk. 

You will learn how to implement a continuous improvement culture within your company, which remains a key element of the certification process. Recertification provides a major lever for organizations to perform in today’s environment, make sure you are ready for the transition!


Download the White paper