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Test phase 2

Certification Audit ISO 9001:2015 (QMS)


Successful companies are driven to deliver quality - from the way they operate, to the customer service standards they establish and the products they deliver. This is a strategic vision to improve brand equity and image and ensure you are better equipped to win new opportunities in an increasingly competitive global marketplace.


  • Customers are the lifeblood of any business! To keep customers – and to keep them satisfied – your product or service must meet their requirements.

  • ISO 9001 provides a framework for taking a systematic approach to managing your business processes to meet those requirements.

  • Bureau Veritas Certification offers the value of an independent third party specialist, who can assess your management system and provide certification to the standard.


Key steps in our certification process are:

  • Definition of certification scope

  • Pre-audit (optional): gap analysis and diagnosis of your current position against standard

  • Certification audit performed in 2 stages:

  • Stage 1 – readiness review performed to verify that the organization is ready for certification

  • Stage 2 – evaluation of implementation, including the effectiveness, of the Management System of the organization

  • A certificate valid for 3 years is issued upon satisfactory results of stage 2 audit

  • Surveillance audits to verify that the Management System continues to fulfill the requirements of the standard and monitor the continual improvement

Re-certification after 3 years to confirm the continued conformance and effectiveness of the Management System as a whole